Welcome to Doylestown

What makes this Club Different? 

**Our Energy– When you walk through the doors of this club you can feel the energy- it is uplifting and motivational and contagious.  The staff is energized, the members are friendly, supportive and enthusiastic and the buzz of this unique feeling is passed along throughout all of the classes, sessions, workshops and programs.  Even the kids contain a special fun energy about them…jacks, push-ups, laps!

**Our Staff Support– Our goal at this club is to make “fitness the best part of your day”… no matter what it takes.  We are there to hold your hand, direct you in the right direction, provide honest and whole hearted support for you while on your health and fitness journey.

**Our Diversity– We embrace diversity. We encourage our members to bust out of their safety zone and try something new- balance of training is our mentality and the key to true “Wellness”. It does not have to be extreme, just new as new experiences will create a new YOU.

**Our Toys– We love Toys-(Functional Equipment). In order to enjoy life to its fullest, one needs to have a sound and healthy body. We have ropes, balance boards, straps, balls, rebounders and we use them all to add zest, fun and functionality to your work out.  Come play with us today: in a class, workshop, on the floor, or at the park.

**Our Mind– We promote mind-body health. Through our yoga program, you can learn focus, flexibility, strength and gain direction in life. Our pilates will lengthen and strengthen your core, and our massage will create balance in the body and organs.  We are not just here to strengthen your body, but Cornerstone is here to connect the mind and body.  Soundness is the result. 

And Last, but most important about the factor that makes us different-
**Our Smiles 🙂 –  You will always hear laughter here at Cornerstone Doylestown.  We all love to have fun, work hard and play hard.  Be prepared to get a hug, hear a joke or share a story when you walk through the doors.  Join here and you have a new family!!!
You will become part of something special, because Cornerstone is more than a fitness center.   It is a magical place that uses fitness to connect you, inspire you, and motivate you to achieve your goals and dreams. Mission Possible at Cornerstone, your hometown club!
– Shawn Marie Baker, Doylestown GM

The Doylestown Team


All images by Adrianna Scott – Adrianna Scott Photography –

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Doylestown Cornerstone

215.794.3700 | 740 Edison Furlong Road – Furlong, PA 18925


One Response to Doylestown

  1. ann borell says:

    SORRY – i just left a message and hit post in error -i wasn’t finished!!
    My final comment was to acknowledge and thank Tony at the front desk in D-town for his awesome demeanor. He never makes anyone feel rushed or that our request/comments aren’t important. He is pleasant, interested and genuinely accomodating to the members- he really is a wonderful “first face” for Cornerstone and I am certain his work ethic and approach to members contribute daily to the success of the Doylestown location. .

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